Ninety Doesn't Mean No! Austrian Model Erni Stollberg Becomes An Instagram Sensation At 96

January 14, 2019

As the age progresses, the chances of getting the deserved fame roll down to a slimmer side. The doors of reinventing yourself, especially for women close in their fifties. But not for Ernestine Stollberg!

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Erni from Austria is a 96-year-old model who has hit the fashion and Instagram world by storm. The Vienna-based social media sensation took off her career after she had tasted 9 decades of her life. The golden diva was initially tapped to model for some of the designs for a concept store Park's Instagram page. Her portrait-worthy stature and elegance skyrocketed her into the skies of glamor universe quite immediately.

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Ninety is not a reason for her to say no to any new experience

Erni strikes pose after pose for many brands and have earned her name to be among the greatest models. The stylish senior is not just a fashion blogger to add to your follow list, but also a true inspiration. She is changing the perception of many ladies out there who are holding their age as a limit in their lives. Wear that confidence and run the world!

Ms. Stolberg brings her own mark of eccentricity and youth to anything she dons. She is often groomed by brand owner Markus Strasser, who shoots her gorgeous photos and drapes her in exquisite Jacquemus blouses, Ann Demeulemeester crepe outfits or punchy T-shirt ensembles. Were you ready enough to get your jaw dropped this low?

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Another senior model

To combat ageism and all the stigma around it, former Playboy bunny in her late 80's is still carrying on her modeling career. She means to inspire other women and make them realize that their sexiness can never fade. Here's her message that can make all the grannies muster enough courage to walk the runways soon:

Erni and Dorrie are re-shaping people's thinking patterns and showing how amazing growing old can look! Share this and send on this heap of inspiration!

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