Prince Charles Is Not Prince Harry's Father? Experts Have Delivered Genetic Proof To End The Debate


March 11, 2019 16:09 By Fabiosa

It's common knowledge that Prince Charles and his late wife Diana had a troubled marriage. But there are still some dark corners about what effect their broken relation rippled. Of course, some rumors and speculations did weigh in.

Now, we test the authenticity.

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According to Mirror UK, the Princess of Wales herself had admitted having an affair with a military man, James Hewitt. She was still married to Prince Charles and the extra-marital relationship lasted for around five years, ending in 1992. James once remarked that she was just so easy to fall for. This revelation made the observers doubt if Prince Harry is Charles' son at all. 

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Hewitt or Charles? The debate has to end 

Princess Diana's romantic life has remained rife well beyond her death and it's only fair for it to end now. Only genetic confirmation can put the facts straight. Prince Harry and James Hewitt closeness sparked the rumors that they are actually father-son. Other than that, they are both ginger-haired. 

People may have pointed out, Harry is not blond like Prince Charles, but they missed something significant, too. Daily Star Online consulted founder of SpexHair, Spencer Stevenson, about the Duke of Sussex fading crown. He discovered that his shedding locks are not due to stress or poor diet, but to 'genetics'.

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Just like his brother, Prince William, Prince Harry is following the same pattern. This ultimately proves, he is, after all, Prince Charles' son. Let's put the gossips to bed once and for all as Spencer suggests!

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Fans had mixed opinions

Many royal followers reacted to it in agreement. They gave more pointers to match Prince Harry's profile to his real father, Prince Charles.

While other rolled with the rumors and made puns out of it!

Are you siding with an expert or common tittle-tattle? Share this and let us know if you believe the debate is finally over.

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