Talent Transfered! Andrea Bоocelli Shared The Stage With His Eldest Son Amos For The First Time

April 25, 2019 08:34

Despite his fame and riches, the Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli treasures his family the most. He has two sons, Amos and Matteo, from previous with Enrica Cenzatti. With current wife, Veronica Berti, he shares a beautiful daughter, Virginia. 

The music maestro had previously revealed his true ambition in life. It's not about being the most impeccable or most powerful, but about being the kindest to his children and his partner. Andrea expressed the same notion in one of his Instagram posts, writing:

My dream is to be able to be there with my children as they become adults and fulfill their ambitions, to hold their children and to grow old with my wife.

Performing with his eldest son 

Many renowned artists have shared the stage with this great opera singer. From Barbara Streisand to Ed Sheeran, he has matched his voice with only the best. However, we've all been waiting for the time when he gives the spotlight to his son, Amos. He is the heir to Andrea's immense talent. Let's see how he keeps up with his sensational father.

It was a rare affair when Amos got on the same platform as his dad in 2013. The duo was present Live on German TV as they performed together. Amos mesmerized the audience with his fingers-magic on the piano, while Andrea sang Love Me Tender. 

His other son

Amos' younger sibling, Matteo Bocelli, is nothing short of talent himself. He has given many debut performances over the years. He released a song titled Fall On Me featuring his own dad in 2018. The lyrics revolve around a father and son's mutual affection. Their emotions took the melody to a whole new level of awesomeness.

Both sons of Andrea are ready to carry on his legacy. Their vocals are miraculously polished. Share this and let us know which one of the Bocelli's impressed you the most.