Sophie, The Countess of Wessex, Wore A Figure-Hugging Transparent-Like Lace Dress At St. John Ambulance Everyday Heroes Awards

July 5, 2019 15:28

Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, has somehow proved herself to be a dark horse of the royal family. Despite living in limelight, she managed to bring minimum attention to her personal life.

Now, the lady is making sure we know how glamorous she really is.

Prince Edward's gorgeous wife attended the Royal Ascot on June 21. She outshined even the major members of the monarchy. We kid you not, she had donned a subtle yet sublime outfit. She looked sensational in a blue 70s-inspired wide-legged jumpsuit. The slightly off-shoulder neckline accentuated her elegant physique.

Her most revealing outfit to date

In 2016, the Countess of Wessex stunned everyone when she arrived at the Grange St. PaulÕs Hotel in London. She was among the VIPs invited to a star-studded celebration of the nation's lifesavers, St. John Ambulance Everyday Heroes awards. That time, she just outdid herself fashionably.

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Sophie was dressed to kill in a figure-hugging black lace mini-dress. The nude lining made it count as a very transparent number. Other than that, her silky legs were also highlighted in the sensational attire. Undoubtedly, it was her hottest look as of yet. Nothing left to the imagination!

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She's been compared to Diana

For her compassion and unparallel style, Sophie was called Princess Diana 2.0. Just like her, the Countess like to connect with people but also seeks privacy. She loves kids and knows exactly how to touch lives positively.

However, due to her unmatched beauty, many fans condemned it. She has a personality of her own.

We are just delighted to see such a gem being a part of British royals. Sophie is playing her part sophisticated and diligently. Share this and compliment the pretty woman.