"He Had No Respect For Me": Angie Dickinson's Marriage With Burt Bacharach Was Only Turbulent


March 14, 2019 14:44 By Fabiosa

The 87-year-old classic icon, Angie Dickinson had a wild youth because of her irresistible charm. She can re-visit her delightful past whenever she likes.

But there were some dark spots that she's ready to share now.

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Starting way back, the star of hit TV series Police Woman fell for none other than Frank Sinatra. They got romantically involved on the set of Ocean's Eleven.

After 4 years of dating, Frank expressed that he could never marry the actress. Angie also reciprocated it, as she couldn't live with his lifestyle either. They came very near to marrying each other, but Angie was glad it didn't happen.

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Her unstable marriage with Burt Bacharach 

Angie's personal life attracted a lot of attention back in the 80s. Now, she is opening up about that unsteady time of her career and her ill-fated marriage with Burt Bacharach.

He proposed to the actress in 1985, and she responded with a 'Yes'. However, their love story collapsed into a turbulent marriage that went on for 15 long years.

The actress told Closer Weekly how she feels about it now. She claimed, a man like him should have never been in marriage at all. On account of his infidelities, she said:

He never loved me. He had no respect for me.

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Their unfortunate only child 

The couple had a daughter together from their union. She was born three months prematurely in 1966, and was named Lea Nikki. All her life, the poor girl suffered from chronic illnesses and mental retardation. She committed suicide at the age of 40 in 2007. Angie hardly makes peace with Lea's death. She recalls her misery to US Today:

She had no coping skills, so she just took her life. She couldn’t take it anymore. She was a wonderful gift.

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Sometimes, the best part of a marriage is a divorce. That can be said about Angie's case. Other than that, their emotional struggles also played a great role in their separation. Share this and let us know what you have to comment on it!

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