Meghan Is Known For Her Lavish Taste: Why Kate Middleton Never Indulges In Such A Lifestyle?

April 8, 2019

The British royals are synonymous to luxury but, they never mean to be pompous. After all, the taxpayers' money should be well accounted for. The Queen and her subordinates make sure they do everything in a budgetary way. Kate Middleton always adjusts to it, but Meghan Markle might be having trouble getting hang of it.

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The contrast in their choices was first made prominent when the two Duchesses had attended the Royal Foundation Forum together. The Cambridge beauty had opted for a rather plain and elegant high-street dress that retailed at $120 only. Meanwhile, the Sussex stunner chose a navy outfit costing an eye-watering $1,800.

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Meghan, the big spender

As discussed by Express UK, the Duchess of Sussex is often accused of being a spendthrift. It is believed that Kate Middleton never indulges in a way that Meghan does.

At the request of Her Majesty, Meghan and Harry had carried out numerous engagements in Ireland. Everybody cheered for them until the cost of Duchess' wardrobe was revealed to be around $17,000 per day. Royal correspondent Dickie Arbiter says:

If it is good enough for the Queen to recycle clothes then it must be good enough for Meghan.

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Lifestyle blogger and fashion advisor, Juliet Angus thinks, Kate Middleton would've never gone for such expensive ensembles. She is the next Queen and can't let extravagance be her way of inspiring.

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How to dress like Kate?

Kate Middleton's guide-to-style is pretty easy. She conveys how expensive doesn't always mean better. The Duchess dons whatever let her elegance shine. Her dressing sense is inspired by simplicity, affordability, and of course, charm. 

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Both ladies are attending to their roles suitably. Meghan needs to match her glam with her bold persona, while Kate is seeking to relate herself to others. Share this if you love both of them equally. 

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