Prince Harry Once Said "I Hate You" To Prince Charles: What Did He Do To Upset His Son So Much?

May 16, 2019 18:04

Being a royal brings you a lot of perks, but it never strips away the essence of being a human. The Wales family of British Kingdom had the same issues that we, commoners, have. Prince Harry absorbed many values during his childhood, but unfortunately, some toxicity got to him on a very deep level, too.

Prince Charles descended one amazing habit to his sons. He is a great advocate of environment preservation. Prince William and Prince Harry were taught to pick up litter and keep the atmosphere neat by any means possible. They followed this advice and were only bullied in return. Kids at school mocked Prince Harry for stooping to the level of a cleaner. 

Every parent's nightmare

No parent in the world would like their kid to turn against them. Prince Charles endured it when his second son became hateful. Upon Prince Harry's birth, the discord between his mother, Diana, and his father had already begun.

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As he grew up in the middle of a hideous parental feud, Harry became more and more confused. He couldn't find the emotional meaning behind the stony silences and harsh words that his parents exchanged.

Little Prince Harry also attacked his father. He punched Charles in the legs with his tiny fists. According to the author, Andrew Morton, Harry shouted:

I hate you, I hate you, you make Mummy cry.

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The cruel joke on Harry's birth

Andrew had written another book, Diana: Her True Story. That reads, Princess of Wales knew that her husband doesn't want another son. When she gave birth to Harry after 9-hour of labor, Prince Charles was disappointed. Diana narrated his remark as:

Charles always wanted a girl. Harry was a boy. His first comment was, 'Oh God, it's a boy.' His second: 'And he's even got red hair.'

Prince Charles and Prince Harry have come along way from their past trauma. Meghan and he now have a son of their own. Maybe, little Archie will heal the family beyond our imagination.