"A Hole In My Heart": Marie Osmond Confessed Terribly Missing Her Late Son Who Passed Away Of Suicide

July 2, 2019 17:06

Michael Bryan was one of Marie Osmond's five adopted children. In 2010, he died of an apparent suicide after jumping from the eighth floor. He had left a not behind but, its contents were never published. His tragic death still haunts his mother.

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Since the age of 12, Michael had fell prey to drugs. He remained in rehab until he became clean. Marie recalled how his baby who was once cute and so fun, started having deep bouts of depression. In his last conversation, he had told his mother that he feels alone, had no friends and is in great despair.

Commemorating her dear one

In a log Instagram post, the iconic singer opened about the struggles of her life. She initially mentioned her childhood and how she had to create her own name among her talented brothers. Marie then addressed the sorrow of her lost son. She confessed to missing him a lot in her own way.

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The brokenhearted mother revealed that Michael's favorite song was Pie Jesu. He loved it when she sang opera. Marie's Saturday’s Symphonic show was for him and it made her feel his presence. She wrote:

 Michael’s passing left a hole in my heart that will never be filled until I see him again.

People appreciated her for being so vulnerable 


TEARS for this beautiful message!!! YOU have been such a blessing in the lives of thousands to help “hangin ‘ on !!! Your shAring of life experiences helps so much! But when life really throws me a curve it’s your music that really pulls me through ! Please keep on singing!!! Sending positive thoughts and love to you 😍😍😍😍😍


What beautiful words and life goes on and challenges but, with the Lord on our side we can kneel to him and he hears our voice!!. .Many blessings you and your wonderful family!!


Amazing message. Thank you for sharing your personal experiences. I lost my amazing husband last year to ALS. The only thing that brings me peace is our Heavenly Father & our loving Savior. They are there for each one of us. ♥️


Thank you for today’s message. Two years ago went through a lot. Paul and my mom going through health problems and very sick. We lost my mom within 4 months, Paul thankfully came brought his surgeries okay and today is doing great. I wasn’t sleeping, I wasn’t eating. Drives to nursing home All I could do was pray. I prayed in the shower, I prayed while laying in the hospital. It helped.

May Michael's soul rest in peace. He seemed like a very compassionate boy who just couldn't handle a dark life. Share this and support his incredible mom.