'Indiana Jones' Star Harrison Ford Recalls How He Was Bullied For Being "Kind Of Short & Geeky"

January 22, 2019

It's always shocking to know that one of our favorite icons have also experienced the common atrocities of life. Bullying is the worst mental trauma that a child can endure. Harrison Ford recognizes this cruelty very well!

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Mr. Ford is best known for his legendary role in the movie series, Indiana Jones. He played the lead character as a globe-trotting archeologist who never said no to adventure in his quests. Another torrent of worldwide fame came along when he starred as Han Solo in the Star Wars franchise. Now, it's time we hear the stories of true struggles from his personal encounters.

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He was oppressed as a child

The star has been ruling the kingdom of Hollywood for almost four decades. Still, he has shared the bare minimum of his off-screen smart and canny personality. To unravel more, GQ Magazine held an exclusive interview with Mr. Ford. To paint the picture of his innermost attributes like endurance, perversity, playing the long game, a Zen resistance, and stoicism, he told a story from his childhood.

He recalled being bullied as a sixth grader. His school was built around slope and had a small hill leading down to soybean fields. Ford told:

So I was the new kid, and I was kind of short and geeky. I'd come up the hill, and then they pushed me down the hill, and I'd come up the hill, and if there was enough time they'd push me down the hill again.

He might have been really upset about it. But now, instead of being mellow, he remembers how he used to get extra sympathy and care from female students. That's a win for Ford!

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Another celebrity who was bullied

The late classic heartthrob, Patrick Swayze, was mentioned to be bullied in his teenage days in his documentary. Reported, it was his dancing that made his mates make him feel less than man. Nonetheless, he strived to make his dreams come true and became an inspiration for many.

We stand against bullying and mental health problems, do you? Share this and empower the young generation to not think of their tender side as a disadvantage!

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