Making A Record? Arnold Schwarzenegger & Maria Shriver Are Still Married After 7 Years Of Divorce Process

May 13, 2019 17:31

Conventionally, divorce is meant to dissolve a relationship immediately. A quick fix to save two people from a toxic marriage. But in Arnold Schwarzenegger's case, the commitment is lasting way longer than he intends to!


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'The Terminator' star and the former journalist, Maria Shriver, began dating back in 1982, eventually tying the knot in 1986. Despite her being a Kennedy, no prenup was agreed upon. Maria filed for divorce back in 2011 when Arnold confessed to having fathered a child, Joseph Baena with their maid in 1997. Everything twirls downward from there but without any legal conclusion of their union!

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Record-breaking separation

Hypothetically, Mr. & Mrs. Schwarzenegger are about to make their names into Guinness book of records for having the longest marital separation. Since their divorce proceedings began, they have now successfully crossed the 7-year mark.

The two have risen no issue on custody of their children or on splitting $400 million of fortune. Reportedly, the pair is seeing the kids on mutual terms and everything else is on 50/50 share. 

TMZ reports have revealed it to be Arnold disregard for showing no genuine or serious interest in making the divorce final. And as for Maria, she is back and forth about it but is now mostly letting it rest. Even with clear uncertainty, they are apparently not together despite remaining legally married. Stillness is definitely better than chaos with no real conclusion!

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Their children

Maria and Arnold have 4 children together who were all born and raised in Los Angeles. They have two elder daughters, Katherine and Christina. At the time of filing, there were two minors Patrick and Christopher right under the joint custody of their parents. 


Looks like their divorce is too far from any finalized ending! Share this and bet on if you think they will be officially parted soon or never at all!

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