So Young In Spirit! Dick Van Dyke & His Beautiful Wife Arlene Caroled Together With Urban Voices

January 10, 2019

It's entirely safe to say that time has no power over Dick Van Dyke or at least his spirit. The iconic star of 'Mary Poppins' holds the grand experience of seven decades in Hollywood. Still, it doesn’t seem he plans on quitting his career yet!

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Many people seriously considered his secret of longevity to be a fortunate sip from the fountain of youth. But, to everyone disappointment, the ingredient is pretty simple. Van Dyke told Parade he and his lovely wife Arlene exercise with some groovy dance moves, saying:

My wife keeps me young! She has a lot of energy. She’s a singer and a dancer, so we do musicals around here all day.

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Couples that sing carols together, stays together

The all-rounder comedian and actor makes the world a nicer place by bringing so much laughter to it. Dick started a healthy and joyously inspiring Christmas with his beautiful wife, Arlene. They joined non-other than Urban Voices on streets to do caroling together at The Midnight Mission. Their voice matched in unison spreading love in the air!

The whole group marching their vocals to the music of accordions was a mesmerizingly happy scene. Dick Van Dyke and Arlene added more to its charm. Can anyone dare deny how adorable they look?

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Another mindblowing performance 

Due to Arlene being a singer, it's almost too cute how Dick is learning her ways. The two officially did a cover of 'Young at heart' and it was another level of awesomeness. The sweet notes from Arlene stirred perfectly with her husband's voice. Try not to break the replay button!

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