Experts Claim Prince Harry Is Prone To Feel 'Less Attractive' & 'Paranoid' As He's Going Bald Early

February 1, 2019 17:24

People believe that royals are immune to everything including criticism and self-doubt. But here, we will explore if there is any truth to this notion. Experts have foretold insecurity to be budding in the charming Prince Harry.

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Aging is a natural process in all humans but it hits men harder as their hormone changes are more drastic. It can directly affect men's scalp and inhibits the hair growth. Baldness has become a part of a man's lifecycle. They may start experiencing severe hair-loss from their forties. As Hairs are directly proportional to one's self-esteem. Could this phenomena be applied to the royals as well?

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Prince Harry's impending baldness

Being a member of the greatest royal family hasn't bailed the Duke of Sussex from exposure to male pattern balding. His hair loss is expected to go from moderate to extensive in the next few years. According to Sun News, an expert has suggested the Duke to take immediate action. 

Dr. Asim Shahmalak finds himself considered about the Prince impending baldness. According to him, it can generate anxiety, making him paranoid about getting less attractive despite his wealth and status. He explained to Express UK:

Losing their hair can make some men feel morbidly aware of their own mortality. This is because it’s often a sign of aging, a physical sign that their biological clock is ticking and they're not getting any younger.

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What about Prince William? 

Prince William has been resisting his receding hairline for years. But Prince Harry's Big B found a great solution to it. Rejecting all possible treatments of hair restoration, the Duke of Cambridge decided to shave his head. Embracing a buzz-cut is indeed a great strategy. Bravo!

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Can you picture Prince Harry with trimmed hair as well? We can guarantee, he will stay just as handsome to Meghan Markle and all of us. Share this and recommend your own remedies to fight baldness!

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