Did She Find Her Majesty Likeable? Michelle Obama Recalls Her Encounter With The Queen


April 18, 2019 09:44 By Fabiosa

They say no one can understand a woman better than a woman. Michelle Obama & Queen Elizabeth II are the most prominent ladies of our era. To hear one's opinion about the other is absolutely delightful.

Michelle is actually an admirer of Her Majesty and she has mentioned this likeness on my occasions. As a presidential couple, Mr. & Mrs. Obama had the honor to meet the Queen at Windsor Castle in 2016. They all bonded quite immediately and later, deemed it as a very pleasant experience. The Becoming author remarked:

She's smart and funny and honest. He is a huge fan, for sure.

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Their latest encounter

The former First Lady of America is currently on her book tour to promote her best-selling memoir, Becoming. On her stop to England, she was greeted on stage at the O2 in London by tears, screams, and a standing ovation on April 14.

The interviewer moved on to ask her of her meeting with the Queen. Michelle went to praise Her Majesty and how she was thoughtful enough to put on the brooch they had gifted her.

Mrs. Obama described her as an extremely cheerful, witty, and considerate person. She also admitted she was in awe of her to see her all ladened up with crown jewels and a magnificent gown. Michelle finally summed it up, saying:

I like her.

She had broken protocol

During their engagement in 2009, Michelle Obama had gently placed her hand on Queen's back. they were sharing a peal of laughter and was a human thing to do. It was considered a major royal faux pas. However, Mrs. Obama came clean about it later and explained how the gesture was mutual and Her Majesty had returned it the same way.

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Both the ladies are remarkably eminent. Seeing them get along so well is a treat for the American and British fans. Share this and cheer to their companionship.

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