Best Parents! Prince William and Kate Middleton Show Their Lovely Parenting Skills With Twins In Leicester

November 29, 2018

Apart from being a style icon, Duchess of Cambridge and the wife of the future King, Kate Middleton is also a great mother to her three children.

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Thanks to her Psychology courses at university days, she knows how to communicate, handle tantrums, and be an attentive and caring mom. 

Interestingly, Catherine can do both: being a regular mother and sophisticated Duchess at the same time. Blimey!

Royal parenting

The royal couple became in the spotlight on their visit to Leicester University. Twins Sai and Taran Gotani were excited to meet William and Kate. The mother-of-three immediately tried to establish contact by asking "What do you boys like doing? Do you like playing football?"


They all got a chance to watch the school project. It showed what happens to marshmallows in a vacuum, which immediately intrigued the inquisitive twins.

The Gotanis boys overreacted and couldn't stop trying to get Kate's attention. Their mother felt a bit embarrassed since they screamed her name all along. The Duchess, showing her best side, commented: 

It’s absolutely fine. Don’t do anything. Let them be. I’m used to it.


Prince William was also messing around with the twins since they were 'very active.' The guys were hogging and rolling around on the floor, which amused the Duke. 

Catherine, you and I might try that. It’s a new way to do an engagement. It’s a lot of fun!


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Before leaving, Sai couldn't hold himself anymore and give a sincere kiss on Kate's cheek. Aww, isn't it cute? 


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge aren't only lovely and playful to own children, but also others. They both visit different hospices, schools, and interact with everyone at events. 

The most caring woman 

Kate Middleton is known for her charity work, especially regarding children, addiction and mental health issues. In January 2012, she was named Royal Patron of East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH) so that she could be in charge of children's welfare.


In 2013, there were 49 hospice services in the UK. The Duchess hopes that with more awareness, families managing children with life-limiting conditions will get better opportunities for support.


Prince William and Kate Middleton are one of the most wonderful people in the world. Their kindness, sincere, and care show how much they pay attention not only to own, kids but others, as well. Thank you, your Highnesses, for proving that the world is still kind!

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