'Be Best': Melania Trump Knew She Would 'Be Criticized' But She's Doing 'What Is Right' For The Next Generation

November 29, 2018 16:50

In May 2018, Melania Trump launched her first 'Be Best' platform, an anti-bullying campaign focusly primarily cyberbullying.

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Her initiative also comprises opioid abuse (which is a huge problem in the USA) and child welfare. 


Millions of children face online bullying on a daily basis, and the outcomes are quite distressing. FLOTUS decided to promote her campaign by all means and raise awareness across the country. 


Melania Trump candidly reflected her 'Be Best' campaign in a recent interview on ABC News. She said that she knew about all obstacles and critics she would face with her initiative. 

I knew I would be criticized, but I will do what is right for the next generation, and be focused on how and how much use the social media. 


FLOTUS believes that promoting the platform will help present and future generations avoid cyberbullying since it's one of the most critical matters in the United States. She said it's very important to her to continue this campaign.

Next generation can be respectful and kind, and also sometimes you need to fight back, I'm sorry.


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Indeed, a lot of people are against Melania, even if she tries her best to be strong, helpful, and sincere in something. "Fight back" implies being confident in one's own activity no matter what comments, evil, and critics they are confronted with.

How people reacted

We have no idea whether people slam Melania for being a 'foreigner' or 'the wife of Trump', but even her best intentions are being shot down by Americans. 

Apart from politics or some personal issues, Melania Trump tries her best not to be involved in her husband's administration or political matters inside and outside the States. She just wants to 'be best' in anything she's capable of. 

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