Diana's Tragedy: Why Did She Become 'Convinced' Her Own Mother Didn't Love Her?

December 3, 2018 06:22

Princess Diana had a tough childhood after her own mother left the family when she was a kid, and her father, Edward Spenser, found another partner in life, Raine.


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It was a 'smack' for the 4 children. Diana, her sisters, and brother boycotted their stepmother. They refused to speak with her, mocked her, and caused mischief. Lady Diana confessed that she used to call her father's second wife the person she hated the most.


However, after many years, Diana and Raine were able to get along, especially after the Prince and Princess of Wales divorced. Her stepmother provided her with all necessities, which helped Di a lot. 

Where are you, childhood? 

It seems to us like Lady Di suffered from many things all her life, at least according to her biography and various statements. There's a saying that all one's problems come from an early age, and you know, it's probably the truth. 


In the book Royal Marriages: Diana, Camilla, Kate and Meghan and Princesses Who Did Not Live Happily Ever After, author Susanna De Vries claims that Princess Diana had the most tragic story among any royal member, "after being abandoned by her mother, Frances, with the belief she didn’t love her, yearned for the affection of a man."


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From the age of 6, Diana waited for a postcard, gift, or letter from her mom, but she received absolutely nothing. Down the road, she became convinced her mother didn’t love her whatsoever. 


Such things significantly impact a person mentally, especially at a young age, since a child's psyche is sensitive and vulnerable to many things. As a result, Lady Di desperately wanted to find love in her life to at least feel that she was needed and wanted by someone, unlike her mother. 

Ideal motherhood

Although the Princess of Wales had a traumatic childhood and tough adulthood, she was one of the greatest, caring, and loving mothers for own kids. It is not even a question how much Diana adored William and Harry until her last breath. 

Harry always says that his mom gave the biggest hugs and 'smothered' them with love. She didn't want to become like her own mother, someone who abandons her own children. Lady Di wanted to be everything for William and Harry and show unconditional love in such a short period of life.

It's always distressing to learn such details. Although Princess Diana always dreamed of happiness, only she knew whether she received it a bit or not. Inevitably, she was glowing and smiling only in certain situations: When she was around her kids.

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