Michelle Obama Is A Huge Admirer Of The Queen: "She's Smart And Funny And Honest"

December 5, 2018

In 2016, Barack and Michelle Obama were honored to meet the Queen in Windsor Castle


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Both Queen Elizabeth and the former presidential couple were pleased to meet each other. It seemed like they all immediately bonded and God knows what exactly they were so happily discussing back then. 


It seems like the former first lady is a big fan of Queen Elizabeth II since she always says only warm, sincere, and lovely words about Her Majesty. 

Royal fan

Michelle Obama revealed that she and her husband are huge admirers of Queen Elizabeth since she reminds them so much of Barack's grandmother, Toot.

She's smart and funny and honest. He is a huge fan, for sure.


When Michelle met the Queen, she broke protocol by shaking her hand. First of all, the former FLOTUS didn't know anything about royal rules, and secondly, she was sorry when she found out.


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It just proves that the Obamas are on good terms with the Queen and honor her both as a ruler and a great person. 

Down with the protocol!

In the best-seller Becoming, Michelle Obama recalls her meeting with Her Majesty, who was a bit feisty, to the surprise of some. 


Mrs. Obama was way too worried to be picked up by the British monarch in her car in 2016. All she was thinking about is not tripping over something or touch anyone or even sit in the wrong place. The Queen said:

 That’s rubbish. Sit wherever you want.


Oh, boy! It's so unexpected to hear such words come from Queen Elizabeth! It doesn't mean she has the same view on every rule in royal protocol, but surely, some things can be less stressful and strictly followed. 

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