Kirk Douglas Was Happy With His First Wife Diana, But Why Did They Call It Quits After 8 Years?


March 13, 2019 19:52 By Fabiosa

Can you really imagine Kirk Douglas is over 100 years old? And one more point, can you really believe he has been married for 64 years? Crazy! And their marriage became definitely the rock after Anne Buydens saved his life from a horrible plane crash.

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Douglas was about to fly to NYC with his friend Mike Todd, but his sweetheart had a really bad feeling about the trip. He angrily listened to Anne, but after hearing tragic news on the radio while driving a car, he instantly thanked her for the 'sixth sense.'

Did you know why Kirk Douglas' first marriage was a failure?

Although the eminent actor is happily married to Anne Buydens for 64 years, he surely can't boast about his first union of 8 years with Diana Dill - the mother of Michael and Joel Douglas. 

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As the world population probably knows, he was engaged in multiple sexual allegations, i.e., cheating scandals on his first wife.

It's even awkward to count how many times he was bedding Hollywood co-stars, including Joan Crawford, Rita Hayworth, and Marlene Dietrich. But undoubtedly, infidelity was the only and main reason Diana and Kirk ended their marriage. 

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On July 3, 2015, Diana Dill died at the Hospital in Woodland Hills, LA, from an undisclosed form of cancer. She was 92 years old. 

But Anne doesn't mind Kirk's cheating moments

Umm, well, yes. It is as you've just read. In the biography The Ragman’s Son, Kirk Douglas confessed his numerous adulteries while he was married. But Anne Buydens is OK as she accepts his mega-famous status of the high-profile star. 

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She also believes it's acceptable for men to have a mistress, because "there's no total fidelity in marriage." 

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Well, we are out of such opinion, but as it says, "Whatever makes you happy, lady." 

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