Did You Know Kate Middleton Saw Prince William In Person When They Were Just 9 Years Old?


March 11, 2019 16:58 By Fabiosa

It comes as no surprise that Prince William and Kate Middleton are one of the most beloved couples in the entire Universe. The two have been knowing each other for 18 years and married for nearly 8 years. And hence, nobody can deny their genuine feelings and attachment to each other.

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We truly did not expect such a turnover

It's common knowledge among royal fans that William and Kate met each other at the University of St. Andrews. Well, at least, this is the official version of how they met. However, Catherine saw William in the flesh when they were 9 years old. Their elementary schools – Ludgrove Prep and St. Andrews Prep –  played a hockey match that day.

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According to the book Kate: The Future Queen, royal biographer Katie Nicholl claims that it was the very first time the two had the encounter. 

It was the first time Kate had set her eyes on the young prince, but certainly not the last.

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As a normal child at that time, Kate Middleton wasn't immune to Prince William's charm, kindness, and wit. All children were curious to know the future king. Thanks to God and destiny, the two reunited at the university and keep their love strong. 

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Oh my, it does sound like a real fairytale? We honestly didn't know they had met each other at such an early age.

But their relationship was on the rocks

Yes, indeed. Even though they are happily married now and parents of three amazing children, their young love was going on and off. The couple decided to split in 2007 because William "didn't show much attention." 

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Besides, they were too young for something serious and hence, wanted to figure out what they would like to do and to be before settling down. 

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But as we witness it today, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have become one of the most iconic couples, who serve an excellent example of love, care, and respect. 

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