Kate Middleton Knows How To Make Her Hairdo Perfect, Even With A Bow Hair Tie For Less Than $23

December 3, 2018

Catherine Middleton is known for re-wearing her outfits and isn't shy to do so. For instance, she has a pale yellow Alexander McQueen dress, which she has worn 3 times


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Duchess was wearing it on Princess Charlotte's christening, Queen Elizabeth's birthday, and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding day. 


She knows what works best for her and what kind of clothes suits her amazingly, so why spending thousands on something new if you can just wear the same gorgeous attires over and over again?

But not only this 

Indeed, Kate likes wearing some dresses multiple times to make herself timeless, but she is also fond of various hair adornment, such as ties, pins, Alice headbands, etc. 


At the end of November, the Duchess was spotted twice with a new hair accessory which looked extremely demure but stylish at the same time. 


Kate Middleton may be royalty, but she still loves a good bargain. Her velvet bow J.Crew hair tie cost $22.50, and it's all sold out. Royal fans were so fascinated that they couldn't resist and run to the stores purchasing these hair ties till the last. 


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Probably fans also did it out of respect and support to Catherine since she's known for subtle outfits and accessories, and that's what the majority of people love about her the most. 

Here some way you can wear a ponytail

Ponytails are a timeless hairstyle. If you like making your hair up, you either can follow Duchess's choices or take 3 tips below:

1. Bubble Ponytail. 

2. Princess Ponytail.

3. Double Twisted Ponytail. 

There is so much more! Not only average people but also royals and Hollywood celebs like experimenting and trying new hairstyle in their downtime, and that's awesome! 

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