Oh, This Baby Excitement! Meghan Markle Shares Her Pregnancy Emotions At Hubb Community Kitchen

November 23, 2018

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced pregnancy news at the beginning of October, but there's such feeling like it's been already half a year!

The royal couple is expecting a baby girl or boy (we're for the first child as a boy!) in spring 2019. The baby bump is growing at the light of speed, and parents-to-be can't stand but enjoy their lives pending upcoming parenthood. 


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Meghan is approximately 19 weeks pregnant with the royal baby, and her cradling habit doesn't stop amusing us. 

Mother-to-be excitement

This week, Duchess of Sussex paid a secret visit to the Hubb Community Kitchen in West London. She was greeted with smiles, joy, and cuddles. 


Women started to congratulate her on the pregnancy news and were showering Meghan with constant hugs. At that point, Meghan smiled and admitted that she'd previously struggled to keep the news to herself. 

I wanted to tell you last time I saw you!


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Undoubtedly, Meghan couldn't announce her excitement beforehand the official statement from Kensington Palace. It must have been tough to keep emotions and happiness inside and not bright it up to the surface. 

The first meeting

Meghan Markle already visited the Hubb Community Kitchen a while ago. She decided to choose this place and activity as her first solo project, and it went with flying colors. 

Kensington Palace announced that Duchess launched a cookbook to support families who were affected by the Grenfell Tower fire disaster that happened last year in London.


The Duchess has visited the kitchen several times and helped to bring the book to live. She also wrote the foreword, as well as narrated the video about the project.


While some Meghan's former friends, family members, and colleagues alongside royal 'fans' slam her for breaking royal protocol or being 'social climber', she is actually paying close attention at her family, pregnancy, and assisting people in need. 

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