Jim Carrey Makes A Red Carpet Debut With His New Girlfriend, Ginger Gonzaga, On Golden Globe Awards

January 8, 2019

Though Jim Carrey was married twice, to former actress Melissa Womer and Dumb & Dumber co-star Lauren Holly, the actor has been single most of the time. 


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His last girlfriend, Cathriona White, tragically died from drug overdose in 2015, and the Canadian actor was in grief up to the recent events.


To everybody's surprise, Jim Carrey showed off his new girlfriend as they both appeared at the Showtime Golden Globes Nominees Celebration and Golden Globes Awards 2 days ago. 


His sweetheart is a Kidding co-star, Ginger Gonzaga. 56-year-old Jim and 34-year-old Ginger met on the new TV comedy-drama series, and have been seemingly all over each other since then. 

Not only they made red carpet debut out of nowhere, but the actress also posted some snaps with her new beau. 

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Carrey even changed from the last time we saw him. No more sad faces and bushy beards. We guess, a new relationship is a new happiness, right? 

About Carrey's girlfriend 

If you haven't heard about Ginger Gonzaga before, this is absolutely alright. We're right here to shed some light on her life. Well, as it becomes apparent, she's an actress, best known for her roles in Wrecked, Mixology, Togetherness, and so forth. Ginger is also a director. She wrote, directed, and even starred in Your Day.

On her official website, Gonzaga says she sings, performs stand-up comedy, and holds a B.A. degree from UC Santa Barbara.

Honestly, we're so happy for Jim. Finally, he has found someone to share his life with! 

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