Prince William Jokes He 'Can't Get Back' Without Gifts, Because Prince George Won't Forgive Him

April 18, 2019 17:59

It is no wonder that children can turn the entire world upside down for parents. Prince William is not an exception as the future king has become more sensitive, emotional, understanding, and sympathetic to his 3 children.


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According to the Duke, he now puts life in perspective and thinks like a father rather than a husband and heir for the British throne down the line. 

To forgive or not to forgive? 

Prince George is the eldest kid for Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. This little boy is at the age of playing toys and messing around, just like every child. 


Once, on the visit to London's Air Ambulance Charity, Prince William received some childish gifts so that he could take it home and give to own kids. When he got a helicopter, the Duke said,

I can't get back without a helicopter; George will never forgive me.

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Everybody was laughing, though it wasn't the joke whatsoever. We perfectly know how children can be vulnerable and emotional, so Prince William is better to give this present to his eldest son. 

The owner of the wit 

Though Duke of Cambridge often seems strict, restrained, and diplomatic, he is actually sarcastic, funny, and lively in the circle of the closest people. 


Once, Kate Middleton had to stay alone for some time on her birthday as her husband was required to fulfill the royal duty. At the event, Prince William made a funny joke about Kate’s birthday while receiving a handmade card for the Duchess of Cambridge. He said,

I did remember this morning, so I was OK.

Both Prince William and Duchess Catherine are hands-on parents, who always take care of their children and bring them up appropriately and decently. 

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