Sam Elliott Sincerely And Emotionally Reveals How His Dad Helped Him Become A Real Man

November 27, 2018

Meet the iconic star, American legend, and handsome man, or in other words, let's talk about Sam Elliott! 

Love life 

Sam Elliott, 74 and Katharine Ross, 78 have been together since forever. This year they celebrate 34 years anniversary with love and respect in their eyes and actions. 


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They wed in 1984. Since then, they have been bonding and strong to maintain their relationship. 


The Mask star thinks that working together on enhancing each other's lives and toughening love are the key points in healthy and life-long love. 

A real man 

 It's no question that millions of people love and admire the actor, and there's something we all should know: how he learned to be such a real man. 

© Lifegurard (1976) / Paramount Pictures

At The Off Camera Show, Sam Elliott shared his definition of being a man. He affirmed that his dad and his friends radically influenced him about shaping a decent and firm personality. 

Those are men that I grew up going fishing. And they were all pretty hardcore; they were gentlemen. They weren't a**holes, they were really nice men, but they were hard-working. 

© Mask (1985) / Universal Pictures 

Furthermore, the Lifeguard star emotionally recalled his father's death, who passed away in his wife's (Sam's mother) arms. The actor was only 18 years old when he had to say farewell to his dad. 

© The Hero (2017) / The Orchard 

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Sam Elliott has always looked up to his father as the image of a real man, and it motivates him to be better and decent every single day. 

Elliott's legacy

Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross have one child - Cleo Rose, 34. She inherited the actor's charm and spark in appearance, manners, and deeds. 

The Gettysburg star showed his bold personality during gruesome California fires, where he, with a couple of firefighters, tried to save the family house. His daughter captured this incredible action and posted via Instagram:

I am forever grateful to the amazing firefighters, our gardener Juan and his son Johnny, and especially my dad for saving our home. But it’s hard to rejoice when so many have lost so much. My hearts are with you all. 

Cleo Rose is very close with her father and often posts sweet tributes to him on her social media.

The world needs more real men as Sam Elliott. Thanks to him, we still believe that men can be good! 

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