Meghan Markle Is A Strong Woman, But Might Be Mentally Pressured As Lady Di Was, Lady Colin Campbell Claims

April 17, 2019 17:45

Since Meghan Markle stepped into the British royal family, a bunch of speculations, hatred, allegations, and enmity was readily put on her. She's been in the constant limelight and the recent statement of Lady Campbell shocked the net. 

Princess Diana's confidant revealed the Duchess of Sussex has a rocky relationship with Prince Harry's friends due to her diverse political views. 

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Parallels between Meghan and Lady Diana

Seemingly, Lady Colin Campbell isn't Meghan Markle's fan and sometimes throws shady comments toward the mum-to-be. Reportedly, she believes Harry listens to his wife's orders, and hence, the royal biographer advises the Duchess to fly under the radar.

Furthermore, Lady Campbell is cautious about the potential mental breakdown in the royalty as Princess Diana had. She parallels late Lady Di and the current Duchess of Sussex in these similar situations

We must hope that Meghan has no psychological instability – as Diana had – and won’t hit the buffers at any point, as Diana did.

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But it's unlikely, Lady Colin concludes. Meghan Markle has a strong personality, and she is still freer in the royal family than Princess Diana was.  

The heavily pregnant mother is admittedly aware of all hardships on her way, but with Prince Harry being on her side, hopefully, everything is going to be alright. 

But it doesn't prevent from being a Diana's fan

It's no question Meghan Markle oftentimes copies late mother-in-law. The Duchess of Sussex likes to copy Princess Diana's style every now and again, and it's definitely fascinating to see. 

George Clooney also believes that Meghan is Diana 2.0 with the constant spotlight, judgments, and meticulous attention as a royal breaker. 

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