Matthew Mcconaughey’s Beautiful Mom Glows With Pride As Talks About Her Famous Lookalike Son: "This Child Is A Gift From God"

June 26, 2019 12:08

Matthew McConaughey is a leading Hollywood actor and recognized star. Growing up in Longview, Texas Matthew became a bonafide member of the Hollywood hotties club. He well known for the lines, "Alright, alright, alright."

His parents intriguing love story

Matthew’s father had transferred from the University of Kentucky where he played college football to the University of Houston. Before he resumed, he paid his mother a visit to Morgan City.

Matthew's mom, who at that time was his girlfriend gave him an invitation to their wedding. He was given an ultimatum of 24 hrs to agree to the wedding plans. You bet the older McConaughey ended up marrying her.

Miracle child

The actor admitted he wouldn’t have become who he is today without one special person in his life – his loving mother. Matthew really admires and feels thankful for his beautiful and charming mother.

On an episode of Through Mom’s Eyes, the actor’s mother, Kay McConaughey talks about her son’s successful career and revealed how she raised him.

Referring to the actor as a miracle child, Kay said: "This child is a gift from God and that’s what the word Matthew means gift of God."

The actor was actually born late into his parents’ marriage as they reportedly divorced twice and remarried 3 times.

When asked about her style of motherhood she used raising Matthew she said: “I was very loving, but I was a discipline. When I said something, I expect you to do it.”

Matthew’s mother reflecting on how proud she is of the actor and all that he has achieved said she raised him to be kind, thoughtful and honest.

This is what fans had to say

Kay McConaughey is a wonderful woman and a caring mother. Her bond with Matthew is truly one-of-a-kind.