Tom Hanks Shared An Incredible Heartwarming Video For Formerly Conjoined Twins Who Endured 52 Operations

May 15, 2019 10:41

Oscar-award winning actor has put smiles on the faces of former cojoined twins, Hassan and Hussein Benhaffaf. He shot a special Toy Story video for the twins after learning they kept their Woody and Buzz toys throughout their 52 operations.

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Tom Hanks as Woody 

The actor, who is the voice of Woody in the fourth installment of Toy Story, described the ending of the franchise as a “moment in history.”

As a guest on Chris Evans Breakfast Show, Tom confessed he had a hard time getting through recording his lines saying:

The way you record Toy Story, you’re in a room with the team that has created it. When I went in for my last day of recording, I wanted to have my back to them, because usually you’re facing him so he can look right up and you can talk about it.

But I didn’t want to see them and pretend they couldn’t see me. When I realised what they were going for, I realised, ‘Oh, this is a moment in history’.

Act of kindness

The Oscar-winning actor recently filmed himself singing and choreographing toys of his character in the hit Disney-Pixar movies for two little boys, Hassan and Hussein Benhaffaf. 

The twins, who are from Ireland, were born conjoined. They have undergone 52 operations altogether. Throughout each of their surgeries, the pair called “Little Fighters” kept their Woody and Buzz toys by their side. That is unbelievable. 

Miceal O'Hurley, an ice cream parlor owner reached out to the actor, telling him about the boys love of Toy Story. Miceal admitted he was deeply touched when the actor made a short video matched with the theme song at his home for the twins.

The Hollywood star in a note wanted the boys to know that he admires them and would like to be their friend.

Who are Hassan and Hussein?

From birth, the Benhaffaf twins became famous as their parents, Angie and Azzedine, fought for their survival through surgery.

Their mother, Angie, said the past eight years have been challenging following multiple surgeries and hospital appointments. She said: 

The last eight years have been a major challenge for all of us, but we will keep doing what we have to do to give our two little fighters as much normality and quality of life as we can possibly give them.

Since Hassan and Hussein survived a 14-hour separation operation at London University Hospital, they have also undergone a number of spinal surgeries.

Although the boys have endured grueling surgeries, they continue to bravely battle the odds against them after doctors gave a little chance of survival initially.

Award-winning actor Tom Hanks really went above and beyond for the Benhaffaf boys. It was incredibly thoughtful of him.