Love And Support! Ellen DeGeneres Reveals Wife Portia De Rossi Encouraged Her To Return To Stand-Up Comedy

May 13, 2019 13:36

When you have a spouse like Portia De Rossi nothing seems impossible. If you think so, ask award-winning talk show host Ellen DeGeneres.

Power couple

Ellen and Portia who have been together since 2004, got married in an intimate ceremony in 2008.

By that time, Ellen had gone through a difficult period because of her sexual orientation. Luckily, for her, everything changed when she met Portia.

To celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary, the host shared a cute video from her nuptials, filled with lots of heart-warming moments. The video gave fans of the couple an inside look at their big day.

Ellen is back!

After more than a 15-year break, daytime talk show host Ellen has returned to stand-up in a comedy special called Ellen DeGeneres: Relatable.

Speaking to NBC 4 at a special Netflix-hosted Emmy FYSEE event, Ellen opened up on how her wife encouraged her return to stand-up comedy. She thanked her wife for the inspiration saying:

Portia was a huge part of this. She helped me tremendously. She gave me notes, telling me where I would forget something and watched every single rehearsal.

Portia has actually never seen Ellen do stand-up live before, and the comedienne noted that having her during the stand-up while she performed made the night more special.

The talk show host talking about what it felt like being on stage again after such a long break said:

It felt like it had been 5 minutes. Building up to it, it was scary, and what am I going to talk about, what am I going to do. But as soon as I stepped on stage it was like, I was just here 5 minutes ago.

The comedienne who’s now the reigning queen of talk recently won 3 Daytime Emmy awards for The Ellen Show.

Her brand 

The talk show host says her brand of comedy as an adult was influenced by her childhood and hardships she has gone through.

Ellen has been raised in a very conservative atmosphere grew up very sensitive to the emotions and feelings of other people.

At the age of 13, Ellen’s parents got divorced. Ever since then, she used humor to brighten up the day and lift her mother's spirits. She also supported her mother through hard times after she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

She tries to make the world more positive and optimistic my making other people laugh.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi make us believe in true love and what it takes to fulfill your dreams. Wishing the happy couple more fruitful ventures.