Zodiac Sign: Is Archie Harrison Destined To Reject The Royal Life Just Like His Father Prince Harry?

May 29, 2019

The arrival of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s child was one of the most discussed topics in recent months. Archie Harrison’s birth caused even more excitement among people all over the world.

Protection from paparazzi

Archie Harrison is undoubtedly the most talked-about baby. With so much public attention, the new parents would obviously want to protect their baby from annoying paparazzi.

A former royal bodyguard Simon Morgan explained that baby Sussex will be included in Prince Harry and Meghan’s security package. This is a common rule for all monarchs.

He said:

Each member of the royal family, each protected principle, has their own package which correlates with the threat and risk. The new royal baby is already going into a package, that has Mum and Dad catered for.

How will Archie turn out? 

As the frenzy around baby Sussex birth continues to build, the zodiac sign of the royal baby has been also analyzed for possible clues about how he would turn out.

According to his Zodiac sign - Taurus, baby Archie will be stubborn, materialistic, and self-indulgent. It’s not all bad news, as a Taurus is destined to be loyal.

With a Taurus ascendant, baby Sussex will be strong-willed and vibrant but also competitive and athletic. That sounds just like his father.

A professional astrologer, Lisa Stardust, seems to think the baby will be a good mix of both his parents' personalities.

Though she also went on to predict that he will one day go into business with his dad, Lisa believes Archie will “revolt” against his father.

If there are speculations that baby Archie is destined to reject royal life, based on his zodiac sign, then remember that being a Taurus might make him rebellious, but also loyal.

How will Archie’s relationship be with family? 

Astrologers believe that since he was born at dawn, this would most likely affect his character.

It is believed that people born at this time are easy and pleasant to talk to, but they rely on common sense and aren’t inclined to take risks.

Taurus don’t like change; they are true to themselves and their surroundings, which makes them loyal friends and reliable people.

Well, time will certainly tell if Archie will be rebellious just like his father was  in his young adult life.