How Cute! Prince George Received Official Nickname From His Schoolmates, And It's So Sweet!

April 18, 2019

Despite growing up as monarchy, Prince George and Princess Charlotte are an endless source of cuteness. The royals treat their relatives like any other children would. 

The Queen and Prince Charles have nicknames 

The little ones even come up with nicknames for Prince Charles and the Queen. Prince George, for example, calls Her Majesty Gan-Gan. In addition, the little ones call Prince Charles Grandpa Wales, based on his royal title. 

The cute names the children have for their grandfather and great-grandmother are extremely adorable.

Prince George gets his own nickname 

It was only a matter of time Prince George got a nickname from school. The 5-year-old prince attends Thomas' Battersea, where he is more than halfway through his first year. 

His classmates have. however, given him a cute nickname to go by. Recently. a parent of a fellow student at the school has told Vanity Fair that Prince George’s friends call him P.G.

Even Prince William has a nickname at home

George is usually dropped off at school by either of his parents who are said to be very friendly with other parents in the school.

The Duchess of Cambridge revealed to royal family fans what George and Charlotte call their father Prince William at home. During an official visit to Leicester, she revealed that the kids call the future king Pops, according to People.

P.G has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Share with us in the comments!