Actress Heather Locklear Is On An Involuntary Psychiatric Hold After She Came Unglued Again

November 21, 2018 16:18

Heather Locklear used to be one of Hollywood’s go-to soap opera actresses in the ‘90s and early aughts. But, for the past decade, Heather’s career and life has been unraveling. She has been struggling with addiction, checked in and out of rehabs, and has been arrested multiple times.

This year has been especially difficult for Heather, and it’s been reported that she’s in trouble again.


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What happened this time?

Heather’s mental health has been seriously unstable, as this year’s series of rehab stints and arrests prove. The most recent incident happened on Sunday, November 18, when paramedics were called to her home after she had a full-blown mental breakdown. She was placed on a psychiatric hold, according to Fox News.


A source familiar with the incident told Fox News that the call was not crime-related; the actress was taken to a facility for her own safety. The source told Fox News the day after the incident:

Yesterday, Heather was at her home with her therapist and lawyer and she simply had a mental breakdown. EMT’s were called to her home and it was a medical call, not a criminal call.

The call was simply a mental health precaution and Heather’s family and friends will continue to support her road to achieving a positive mental health state.


Heather has threatened to kill herself before, so it’s safe to assume it happened again, as there are few other reasons why someone would be placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold.


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It’s been a rough year for the actress

As we have mentioned, this latest incident was not the first time something like that happened this year. Back in February, the actress was arrested after she allegedly assaulted her boyfriend. When the police arrived, she reportedly came unglued and attacked the officers during the arrest.


A similar incident happened in June. Again, Heather reportedly got combative and attacked responding police officers and paramedics while being taken into custody. Then, just hours after her release, she was rushed to hospital after an alleged overdose. She checked into rehab after the incident, but did not complete her rehabilitation course.

We hope that this time, Heather will get the help she desperately needs.

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