Harry And Meghan Find Prince William Too Controlling Which Might Have Caused A Rift Between Two Couples, Reports Say

July 4, 2019 17:46

Not long ago, royal fans were shocked to hear that Prince Harry and Prince William have fallen out. Apparently, the blue-blooded brothers can’t even “stomach” doing royal duties together anymore.

When everyone thought that their wives, Meghan and Kate, are feuding, it was actually Harry and William who, reportedly, had a major disagreement.

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Nonetheless, new reports say that it was Princess Diana’s eldest son who caused the crack in the relationship between the two couples.

He’s too controlling

According to the Cheat Sheet, Prince William is the reason why the Cambridges and the Sussexes have been feuding.

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Meghan and Harry moved away and relocated their office, as well as split from the charity William and Harry founded together, because they find the future kind “too controlling.”

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Royal commentator Duncan Larcombe described Prince Harry as a “gooseberry standing behind William and Kate” and now, as a husband and a father, the ginger royal wants to step away from his brother’s shadow.

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Prince William has different responsibilities and his priorities don’t much with Harry's anymore. That’s why the new dad wishes to become more independent. But it doesn’t mean that their relationship is over.

A new chapter

Prince Harry’s first child, son Archie, healed the past wounds and helped to mend the relationship between the royal siblings, expert says.

Now, the two royal couples are moving into different directions by they will always have each other’s support in future endeavors.