Unbelievable Transformation! 65-Year-Old Woman Gets A New Short Haircut Which Took 11 Years Off Her

June 5, 2019

When we were little, many of us, ladies, probably dreamt about having long hair. But as we grew up, we realized that long locks come with a long list of troubles.

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Long hair can get caught in literally everything, you can even shot it in a car door! Not only that, untangling a hairy mess can take hours. But, sure, it looks pretty when you finally manage to comb it through. However, sometimes going short can completely transform our looks for better.

The shorter the better

Becky from Nashville hadn’t cut her hair for long 18 years. But when she hit 65, she felt like it’s time to try something new. The woman had to have a new photo taken for her driver’s license so she thought it would be a good idea to change her look for the new snap.

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The Makeover Guy cut off Becky’s long mousy locks and turned them into warm and wonderful goodness. When Becky finally saw her new hair, she couldn’t believe she could look so beautiful!

She said:                 

I never would have guessed that could be me!

Watch her incredible transformation below.

Another amazing hair change

This hair transformation also proves that sometimes you just need to give your hair a little cut to shave off 10 years and look absolutely gorgeous.

So don’t be scared to say goodbye to your long locks that you’ve been nursing for years. With the help of a professional, cutting them off could turn into the best decision you’ve ever made.