Playing Favorites: Queen Allowed Sarah Ferguson To Keep Her Wedding Tiara While Diana Had To Return Hers

July 2, 2019

Sarah Ferguson’s gorgeous wedding tiara hasn’t been seen in public for over 17 years. Royal watchers hoped Fergie’s daughter, Princess Eugenie, will wear it for her wedding but, sadly, the bride chose another stunning piece.

But why the Duchess was allowed to keep it in her family after divorcing Prince Andrew while Princess Diana had to give hers back?

Divorce settlements

Both Princess of Wales and the Duchess of York officially became divorced in 1996. As the tradition states, the women didn’t walk out empty-handed. Both of them received handsome settlements that included money and jewelry.

Fergie’s treasures collection got a new addition – her breathtaking wedding tiara. However, Diana was not allowed to keep hers. But why?

When Lady Di was marrying Prince Charles, the Queen gifted her beautiful Lover’s Knot Tiara, which became the Princess’ favorite headpiece. But when she divorced Charles, she had to give it back.

Diana wasn’t allowed to keep the tiara because it was from the royal family’s private collection and as the Princess was not a part of the royal family anymore, she wasn’t permitted to keep it.

On Fergie’s wedding, the monarch gifted Prince Andrew’s wife the York Tiara, which she wore on her big day. Unlike, Lady Di, Sarah was allowed to keep the tiara as a part of a divorce settlement. That’s because it was a personalized gift from the Queen which wasn’t a part of the royal collection.

Same as Diana, Kate Middleton wouldn’t be allowed to keep her Halo tiara either. The Duchess, as well as Meghan Markle, borrowed her wedding jewel from the Queen.

So, if Kate divorces William, God forbid, her tiara will return to where it belongs.