Richard Pryor's Son Reminisces About Time With His Dad Who Became A Good Father Despite Complicated Childhood


March 11, 2019 10:10 By Fabiosa

American stand-up comedian Richard Pryor couldn’t boast about a happy childhood. He was abandoned by his own parents, an alcoholic mother and a former boxer. But this didn’t stop him from becoming a good dad to his children.

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Richard didn’t have a role model parent to follow

But for his 7 kids, he tried to be better and give them everything he was deprived of as a child. Even now, years after his passing away in 2005, his children still gush over him.

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The star’s eldest son, Richard Pryor Jr., revealed to Closer Weekly that he only has positive memories of his childhood. As he said:

My happiest memories with my father were when I was with him during the summers. We traveled to Europe and we had to dress up nice for dinner. When you’re a teenager and you get to do those kinds of things, it’s so cool.

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Of course, the actor had his flaws, like any other human being. He was hands-on and quirky, but at the same time, he could be emotionally remote, which was probably caused by his terrible upbringing:

You tend to raise your children the way you were raised. His way of showing you love was giving you things, but sometimes you just wanted that person next to you.

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Besides, the star was there when his kids needed him the most. He stepped in when his eldest son was struggling with addiction and made sure he got treatment. And he also supported Richard when he revealed he was gay.

Secret affairs?

Rumor has it, the comedian was also a bisexual, as he reportedly had an affair with American actor Marlon Brando in the 70s, and his wife Jennifer Lee even confirmed it.

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Apart from that, Pryor was married 7 times to 5 different women. That’s quite a love life, isn’t it?

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