Piers Morgan Kisses Peter Andre On The Lips After Criticizing David Beckham's Pic With His Daughter

December 3, 2018 19:06

Oops, he did it again and showed too much PDA with his kids! Recently, David Beckham has been harshly slammed after he posted a seemingly sweet snap of him and his 7-year-old daughter Harper enjoying a bit of ice skating at a rink. In the pic, the two are seen giving each other a kiss on the lips, which sent many social media users into a frenzy.

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Some fans took to the comment section, believing that it was inappropriate. Others jumped to the former soccer player’s defense, saying that the kiss was an innocent and beautiful kiss. Piers Morgan was among those who considered the snap ‘creepy’. As he said:

I'm sorry, it got a big furore on social media, it’s just weird. Who does that? Who kisses their kids on the lips?

But the debate wasn’t over

Peter Andre, who attended Good Morning Britain and was asked for his view on the controversial picture, was quick to defend Beckham’s actions. Why is it wrong for parents to kiss their children?

I agree with some of the points that if you're going to put it on social media you'll open yourself up. But they're taking the innocent out of everything.

Good Morning Britain / YouTube

But Morgan’s reactions were unexpected. He promptly jumped out of his chair, walked over to the father-of-four, and went in for a smooch. By doing that, did he want to show he’s ok with the situation?

Good Morning Britain / YouTube

Piers is known for his scandals and critics

Earlier this year, the host basically said he considered baby-wearing dads emasculated as if fathers carrying their own children were less of a man. It’s no surprise that many dads were enraged, believing that such criticism discourages fathers from participating in the kids’ life.