Queen Would Disapprove: Is Meghan Markle Returning To 'Suits' For Special Cameo?

January 14, 2019

When Meghan Markle married into the royal family, there were quite a few sacrifices that she had to make. Perhaps one of the biggest ones was quitting her acting career and departing the hit TV series, Suits.

© Suits (2011) / USA Network

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In the Season 7 finale, the American beauty’s character finally tied the knot with her romantic interest played by Patrick J. Adams. Now, both co-stars left the show, leaving hundreds of fans upset.

But is there any possibility Meghan will come back?

© Suits (2011) / USA Network

There has been speculation that the Duchess will soon return to the screen and make a special cameo. As royal commentator Loni Love revealed on The Real, the producers are allegedly ready to donate an eye-watering sum to get her on the show:

The people at Suits really want Meghan to make a cameo. By cameo, they mean they would pay millions of dollars to her favorite charity because she can’t accept the money.


He also added that the crew would even fly to the UK to shoot it there. But there’s a great likelihood the Queen would reject the proposal:

She is no longer an actress. She is a member of the Royal Family.


Besides, it can be just a rumor since reported that there was no multi-million-dollar donation. Still, would you like to see the former actress back on screen?

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