Fans Are Melting! Prince William Has The Sweetest Nickname For Little Princess Charlotte

May 22, 2019

Prince William is a doting dad for his three children. If you doubt that, just listen to how sweetly he calls his charming daughter Charlotte. It makes our hearts melt!

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William and Kate: the epitome of a good marriage

For those who follow the life of royals, Prince William and Kate Middleton are undoubtedly one of the most admired and widely discussed couples.

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William and Kate are both very kind-hearted and thoughtful as they support multiple social and charitable organizations. But what we love most about the Cambridges is the way they communicate with their children.

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As you know, William and Kate have three kids: sons George and Louis and daughter Charlotte. The Cambridges do not often share their casual photos with kids on social media. However, a series of pics from the Nature Garden made our hearts melt.

It’s so nice to see William, Kate and children spend a day together outside the palace walls. It’s so casual and sweet, don’t you think?

Sweet nickname for Charlotte

In a sweet video from the garden, Prince William said something to little Charlotte that generated vivid discussions among royal watchers.

William used the term "mignonette" as a nickname for Charlotte.  It's the diminutive form of the French word “mignon”, meaning “darling.” It is something similar to “cutie” or “sweetie.”

Fans reacted immediately with numerous comments about Charlotte’s cute nickname from dad.

Mignonette I think - cutie.

Fans’ reaction

The longer we follow the life of British monarchs, the more we understand they are just like the rest of us, and it’s really great!

William, Kate and their wonderful children make us believe there is nothing more important than a family bond. Do you agree?