So Cute! Celebrity Granny Goldie Hawn Cradles Kate Hudson’s Baby Girl Rani Rose In A Sweet Video

May 14, 2019 14:18

The celebrity granny Goldie Hawn can’t get enough of her sweet granddaughter, Rani Rose. Goldie and Rani together could literally make everyone’s day!

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Goldie and her mini-me

Goldie Hawn is not just a very talented actress and an attractive woman, she is a doting mother and a loving grandma.

Since her daughter, a popular actress Kate Hudson, welcomed her third child in October 2018, Goldie can’t get enough of this precious little girl with a beautiful name, Rani Rose.

Despite her super busy schedule, Hawn never neglects her grandma’s duties. The actress often spends time with her daughter and grandkids.

This video, featuring granny Goldie sweetly cradling baby Rani, melts our hearts. We’ve never seen the Hollywood star looked so relaxed as with little Rani in her arms.

What a lovely picture!

Fans can’t get enough of Goldie and Rani together

@ davidbabaii

Just made me cry so hard. Love this and love u both so much 💗💗💗💗💗

@ annegibsonsmith

Strong beautiful women will change the world ✨💖💫

@ tccollins1

You’re so lucky to have her. What a beautiful little film.

@ kimweigleloflin

We all love Goldie!💗

Parenting approach

By the way, the mother-of-three Kate Hudson uses Goldie Hawn’s parenting approach in raising her kids.

The actress claims that bringing up kids individually is very important. Hudson prefers a 'genderless approach' just like her iconic mother.

Kate says:

Rani is incredibly feminine in her energy, her sounds, and her way. It's very different from the boys. 

It’s so nice to see when celebrity parents share such a unique bond with their children. Goldie Hawn has always been a role model of a good mom for Kate Hudson, and now, Kate will teach the same things her own kids.