“I Am Feeling Great”: Kathy Bates Stays In High Spirits As She Steps Out Dazzling A New Style After A Striking Weight Loss

January 31, 2019 12:55

Kathy Bates proves she is a person with incredible inner strength and faith in the best despite all her ups and downs. On Tuesday, the beloved actress made a rare public appearance following recent health issues.

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Welcome back, Kathy!

Kathy Bates is a person with incredible inner strength. She is a cancer survivor. In 2003, the actress was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and in 2012, she underwent surgery to treat breast cancer.

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During the last few months, Kathy Bates didn't regularly appear in public. As previously reported, the American Horror Story star suffered from lymphedema, a condition developed following her lymph node surgery.

Nevertheless, from time to time, Bates steps outdoors. On Tuesday, the star was spotted in Los Angeles going for dinner with friends.

Despite her health issues, the Titanic star looked all smiles, dazzling with a new gorgeous hairstyle. As you know, Kathy changed her grey curls to an elegant dark hairdo. Now, she looks even younger than her age.

Weight loss

Previously, in an interview with People, Kathy opened up about her striking weight loss after treatment. The actress said, in general, she dropped 60 pounds after a lengthy battle with cancer.

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But Kathy stays in high spirits in any life situation. The star commented on her current condition:

I’m feeling great. I’ve lost a lot of weight and it’s really helped with my symptoms.

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We admire Kathy Bates and wish her a speedy recovery. Fans need you, Kathy.

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