Is She Wearing Breast Pumps? Rachel McAdams Surprised Fans With Her Impressive Versace Dress For A Magazine Cover

December 20, 2018 10:34

Rachel McAdams hit social media with her latest magazine cover appearance. The actress stunned in a breathtaking Versace dress with unusual detail – breast pumps.


Rachel McAdams stuns in a ‘breast pumps’ dress

Rachel McAdams masterfully gains popularity among Hollywood community. The actress keeps on stealing fans’ hearts with her every new role.

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Recently, McAdams stole the show again. The Notebook star appeared on the cover of a fashion magazine Girls. Girls. Girls.


For the exclusive photoshoot, Rachel changed several images. The actress stunned in the gorgeous gowns by Adam Selman, Cushnie, and Bulgari. However, the real masterpiece of her photo session was a spectacular Versace dress.

Photographer Claire Rothstein shared this picture of McAdams on her personal Instagram. Rachel looks straight-up mesmerizing in this unusual dress accessorized with… breast pumps. Yes, you heard that right. Just take a look at this fashion masterpiece.

That’s really amazing and brave!

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People commented on the picture

fionandls@thariqndls what a mum Congratulations on this photo! You are empowering women around the world and making breastfeeding trendy - thank you!!!

alooha_world Why everyone needs to see how she feeds her baby. Unfortunately, world getting crazy! just to get attention and be on the magazine and social media! There are many mum who are not famous feeding they baby do you know how?? Where what position??? 🙄🙄

By the way, Rachel and her partner, Jamie Linden, welcomed their first baby six months ago. So, this entire breastfeeding thing is of current interest to the actress.

How do you like Rachel’s cover photo? We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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