Royal Beauty In Numbers: Meghan Markle Spent Around $900,000 On Her Outfits Since She Became The Duchess

January 16, 2019

How much does it cost to look as strikingly gorgeous as royal women? It appears Meghan Markle spent a pretty penny on her outfits in 2018 since she became the Duchess of Sussex.


Royal beauty in numbers

Since Meghan Markle married Prince Harry May 2018, overall public attention has been attracted to her. The new Duchess of Sussex quickly became a fashion icon for the majority of devoted fans.

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But how much does it actually cost to dress up like Meghan? Fashion experts from the Vogue magazine calculated the Duchess’ clothing spends and revealed a number.

Last year, Meghan spent around $900,000 in total for her gorgeous outfits. Well, the sounds huge, but agree, the Duchess always stunned at every royal engagement. No wonder, she was included in the list of best-dressed women in 2018.


Here is a brief look-back at Meghan’s best outfits of the previous year.



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What about other royals?

Of course, it’s quite understandable that royal women are always in the center of public attention and they should shine like diamonds.

Nevertheless, unlike Meghan, Kate Middleton is more modest in her wardrobe expenses. Again, according to Vogue, Duchess Kate spent 5 times less on her clothes last year than her sister-in-law.


Maybe, it’s because Kate can easily wear the same dress, hat, or coat several times. The Duchess has her favorite boots, which she wore at least four times during different royal engagements.



Of course, it doesn’t make sense to compare both Duchesses, as they have different styles and fashion preferences. Both Kate and Meghan are very beautiful, stylish, and elegant young ladies. It doesn’t matter how much money each of them spends on her clothing. Do you agree?

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