Perfect Onscreen Husband John ‘Duke’ Wayne Was Married 3 Times And Cheated On All His Wives

January 24, 2019

An eminent actor and a star of the Hollywood Golden Age, John Wayne, was a true heartthrob not just on-screen, but in life as well. Did you know that Wayne was married three times and reportedly cheated on all his wives?

John Wayne: Every woman’s dream

John Wayne, an iconic American actor of the 1950s, could easily steal any woman’s heart just by raising his eyebrows and looking at her in his signature manner.

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The award-winning actor, also known by a nickname ‘Duke’, was in the list of the top-rated and most high-paid actors of the Hollywood fund. Who would resist his charming magnetism?! Maybe, for this reason, John was always in the center of women’s attention.

Three marriages

John Wayne was married 3 times and had 7 children from all his wives. It’s hard to call Wayne a devoted family man. He was anything but an ideal husband.

John married his first wife, Josephine Saenz, in 1933. The friends, close to the couple, told they never made a perfect match.

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At that time, Wayne was often spotted in public with a famous German actress and singer, Marlene Dietrich. The couple reportedly had an affair, despite John’s marital status.

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Do men always cheat?

John and Josephine filed for divorce in 1945. A year later, the actor married again. His second wife was Esperanza Baur Diaz Ceballos. Esperanza always felt jealous of other women in her husband’s life. The spouses constantly argued and, sooner or later, their marriage would fall apart. So it happened.

John’s third wife was an actress from Peru, Pilar Pallet. It was difficult for Pilar to get used to living in Hollywood, just as to deal with her husband’s popularity, especially among women.

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When they were still married, Wayne’s long love affair with actress Maureen O’Hara was revealed to the public. They met at the rancho of their common friend. Surprisingly, but people called O’Hara the actor’s only true love.

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Nevertheless, John didn’t divorce with his third wife. Maybe, two failed marriages were enough for him.

There is a widespread belief that all men cheat. We won’t claim it relates to every man. Maybe, John Wayne just couldn’t find true love in his three marriages. What do you think?

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