“She’s The Best”: Bruce Dern, The Icon Of The Hollywood Golden Age, Talks About His Beloved Wife Of 50 Years

February 4, 2019

The long-lasting marriages are not very typical for celebrities. Fortunately, there are rare exceptions that make us believe in true love. The Hollywood icon Bruce Dern was married twice before he found the one and only woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

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Bruce Dern: Why his first two marriages failed

Bruce Dern made his name for himself as one of the most eminent actors of the Golden Era of Hollywood. In 2019, Dern will celebrate his 83rd birthday.

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The Coming Home star has always dreamed of an acting career. He made his debut in Broadway in 1958, but then, he moved on to television and film industry.

Bruce was divorced twice. The actor married his first wife, Marie Piece, when he was just at the beginning of his long path to success. At that time, Bruce studied at the dramatic school. Although Marie supported her then-husband in following his dream, after 2 years of marriage, their relationships were exhausted.

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A year later, Bern met his second wife, actress Diane Ladd. The couple had two daughters together, but they lost one of them due to a tragic incident. Bruce and Diane’s daughter, Laura Dern, also chose a career of an actress following in her parents’ footsteps.

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After 9 years of marriage, Bruce and Diane filed for divorce citing 'irresistible differences' as a reason for their split.

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The third marriage: 50 years long and counting

After two failed marriages, the award-winning actor almost lost any hope to find his true love. But as we all know, love comes when we less expect it.

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Bern married his third wife, Andrea Beckett, in 1969. The actor said to the Interview magazine that he loves Andrea for her sincerity and kind heart. He loves that “she is not snowed by show business” like most of the women in his surroundings.

Bern said:

She’s the best! I mean she’s the champ, she just went through it all and she gave it all to me and she’s done a terrific job but she’s very much into her own thing.

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Bruce and Andrea have been already married for 50 years. But what are 50 years for two people who belong together? Their relationship survived a lot of challenges, including Bruce’s popularity and excessive female attention to the Hollywood heartthrob.

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What we can say for sure, when two people match each other as Bruce and Andrea do, their love will live forever.

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