“I Love You”: Celine Dion Melts Our Hearts With Her Emotional Message To Her Son On His 18th Birthday

January 29, 2019

Celine Dion brought us to tears with her emotional birthday message to her beloved son, who turned 18.

'Happy birthday to my beloved child!'

We can’t help admiring the legendary French singer, Celine Dion. She is a role model for all women to follow. Celine could find a perfect balance between her family and career. If you need proof, her kids will give it.

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Over the weekend, Celine Dion had some great occasion to celebrate. Her handsome son, Rene-Charles, turned 18. What a sweet age!

On her son’s birthday, Celine shared a powerful and meaningful post in French and English saying how much she loves Rene-Charles and is proud of him.

Among all the warm words, Dion wrote:

Today, you are 18 years old…already! You have become a man and I am very proud of who you are today, and of who you are becoming each passing day.

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Further in her post, Celine mentioned her late husband and father of her kids, Rene Angelil. The singer said that Rene continues to guide his children helping them to make the right choices.

Celine’s words evoke the most powerful emotions. The singer is very close to her children, especially after her husband’s passing in 2016. But as a very strong woman, Celine proves that life continues if you have faith and live with love in your heart.

Happy birthday to Rene-Charles! May all his cherished dreams come true!

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