No Devices At Home: Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban Talk About The Main Rules Their Kids Have To Follow

December 4, 2018

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are caring and doting parents to their kids. How do they manage to find the balance between family and work? The spouses have a couple of main rules their children have to follow.


‘No-devices’ philosophy

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman can be fairly recognized as a role model of a perfect family. In June 2018, the spouses celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary, but even newlyweds could be jealous about the sweetest way Keith and Nicole look at each other.

What’s their secret? It’s pretty simple. Urban and Kidman are not a typical family. First of all, it comes to the way they raise their two kids.

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The actress and the singer follow the ‘no-devices’ philosophy at home. It means when all family members get together in one place, they should turn their cell phones and put away other gadgets and focus on the time they spend together.

In an interview with The Guardian, Kidman said:

We have a no-devices house. Their friends can’t bring devices over. The general rule is: play, hard core and outside.


Nicole added they have periods at home when they don’t turn on the TV at all.

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Going to the church together

Kidman grew up in the Catholic family, so religion is an inevitable part of her parenting approach. The actress often takes her kids to the church to attend the service or just to listen to a gospel singing.

She explained:

That singing and joy is so wonderful.

Do not stay apart for too long

Despite their busy schedules, Kidman and Urban never stay apart for too long. Even when they have to work in different parts of the country, the actress says

hopping on a flight comes like second nature.

Also, Nicole and Keith are not fond of texting messages. Kidman explains that hearing each other’s voice is extremely important for them.

These are the golden rules in the Urban-Kidman family. As you see, there are not a lot of them but all members should respect and follow the ‘protocol.’ We think it will be useful for other families to adopt that practice too.

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