Kym And Robert Herjavec’s Adorable Twins Are Learning To Walk, And It’s The Cutest Thing We’ve Ever Seen

February 8, 2019 14:14

A new day – a new milestone for the Herjavec twins. Little Hudson and Haven are already learning to walk. Can you imagine this?

Getty Images / Ideal Image

A new milestone for Hudson and Haven

Robert and Kym Herjavec’s twins grow up so fast. These adorable babies are already 9-month-old.

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What a perfect age! Every new day, you learn new things, reach new milestones, and push the boundaries. Little Hudson and Haven keep on conquering new horizons and discovering this big world too.

On Friday, their proud mama, Kym Herjavec, shared a brand new photo of her sweet twins. And do you know what? This time, these little cuties try to walk by themselves.

Just take a look at this heart-melting picture. These cuties made our day.

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Fans can’t get enough of the Harjavec twins

People in the comments just couldn’t help admiring Hudson and Haven:


Oh double trouble now ❤


OMG are they walking already? 😮🤭 They’re adorable!


Oh my gosh oh my gosh they are going to walk soon. Did I miss their crawling pictures? 🤔🤔


Wow standing up amazing xxx


Oh no, now the fun begins, I know I'm a mother of twins lol

We can’t wait to see more new photos of adorable Hudson and Haven conquering new milestones. What about you?

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