Acupuncture And Daily Ballet: Norma Kamali Who Dressed Beyonce, Hedi Klum And Others Dishes On How She Manages To Look So Young At 74

July 23, 2019

Fashion icon, Norma Kamali was born on June 27, 1945, and is of American and Spanish descent. Norma, who has spanned over 50 years in the fashion industry, is famous for her innovation of silk parachute material for her clothing line.

She was the iconic designer that was the brain behind the red one-piece bathing suit worn by Farrah Fawcett in 1976. Norma was also responsible for the bathing suit worn by Whitney Houston on the back cover of her 1985 album.

Norma has gone on to style various celebrities, including Beyonce, Heidi Klum, and many more.

Looking younger at 74!

With the wealth of experience underneath Norma’s sleeves, one would expect her to look drained her tired. However, that is far from the case!

At 74, Norma is living her best life and looking incredible! However, all that beauty didn’t come without some hard work. Below are Norma’s secrets to looking younger at 74.

1. Waking up early and lots of sleep

Norma attributes a good sleeping routine for helping her stay younger. While speaking to Daily Mail, Norma explained that she goes to bed before 9 pm and wakes up as early as 4:30 am.

The early morning vibe helps her feel rejuvenated and improves her work.

2. Daily Ballet

With Norma’s lithe limb, it won’t come as a surprise if she reveals that she is a sucker for an intense workout regimen. However, Normal relies on daily ballet classes to maintain her stunning physique.

Every day, she goes to ballet classes at an exercise studio close to her home.

3. Acupuncture

Rather than going under the knife, Norma prefers to under the needle! Rather than have facelifts, or botox and the likes, Norma recommends facial acupuncture to deliver the perfect facial skin.

She attests to having regular sessions with a Chinese medicine doctor. In her words:

“Acupuncture, for me, is really great for controlling stress. I love acupuncture facelifts. The minute the last needle is in, I’m sound asleep.“

normakamali / Instagram

4. Eliminating wrinkles with green tea

At 74, Norma has only a few lines around her mouth, and she has been able to achieve this by using green tea to wash her face. Green tea has replenishing antioxidants.

To use it for the face, it is advised that you soak a paper towel in chilled green tea, squeeze the excess liquid away and put it on.

5. Don’t cover up your flaws

Rather than hiding your flaws and pretending like they don’t exist, Norma advises that we embrace our insecurities and become open with it. Norma believes high self-esteem and a good body starts from being open with our flaws.

6. Allow your skin to breathe

In a word where is a makeup product to cover up every flaw, Norma advises women to take some time off makeup.

“I’m a believer in doing everything you can to have the skin look good with food, diet, exercise, and supplements, but by putting less on your face, you really help your skin look better.“

Her fitness regimen

As stated earlier, Norma doesn’t just sit around to get such a banging body.

She subscribes to daily ballet classes and has shared a few tips on her Instagram for her followers on Instagram.

She makes use of dumbells and yoga mats to give her the perfect work out platform.

Even after spending seven rigorous decades on earth, Norma has proven that it is possible to live your old age looking beautiful and feeling agile!