"We Made That President Rich": The Obamas Try To Purchase Martha's Vineyard $14.85 Million Mansion, And Fans Think Taxpayers Paid For It

August 23, 2019

The Obamas are, of course, a world favorite! After leaving the White House, a tour of Barack Obama's house shows that it is worth $5.5 million.

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The house which is situated in Washington is a sight to behold white its white color and exquisite gardens and flowers. Let's not get started on the interior designs and superb furniture.

The Obamas are about to acquire another property!

Barack and Michelle have recently placed an offer on a 29-acre estate in Martha's Vineyard.

According to TMZ, the' mega-expensive' estate is located on the beach, has seven guest rooms and two guest wings.

The property is currently worth $14,850,000, but It is reported that the Obamas are paying less than the amount.

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The former first couple has experience when it comes to buying properties as they purchased a nine-bedroom house in Washington, D.C. for $8.1 million in 2017.

People react

People all over social media have aired their thoughts on the Obamas recently acquired property, and many of them believe that their taxes paid for the extravagant home.

@Teresa Frith wrote:

"So now, he is rich, why is it all politicians get rich? He would be better off donating that money to help people, not buying a multi-million dollar house."

@Mil Mey D'Ago accused:

"I wonder where they got that money from? Thieves!"

@Brian Sellner Sr asked:

"Wow on 470k a year salary for 8 years 3.7 million and you can buy a 13 million dollar estate and be able to pay the 150k taxes every year must be nice."

Jackie E Neikirk Oldham said:

"We made that President RICH!!!! Wow as well as a home in D.C. and one in Illinois....maybe we need to investigate."

@Melissa Evans, however, disagreed saying:

" Wow, the amount of stupidity is utterly shocking!! They are both authors, and their book deals are in the millions. May they have many more successful endeavors for you all to be jealous of!!"

What do you think? Do you think all these claims have some truth to them? Nevertheless, we wish the Obamas good luck in their new house!