Tragic Destiny Of Always Smiley Man: Garry Shandling's Ex Fiance On Why Famous Comedian Never Had Children Despite Being A Real Lovelace

August 15, 2019

Garry Shandling, American actor, writer, and comedian who often incorporated his real life into his work.

Garry Shandling career

He created one of the most-innovative TV sitcoms of all time, Showtime's "It's Garry Shandling's Show," where he broke the fourth wall and talked to the studio and TV audience while his pretend life unfolded like a reality show.

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Then he created another one, HBO's "The Larry Sanders Show," where he played a talk show host in a comedy that presented not only the character's on-air TV shows but his private life backstage and at home.

Shandling, in fact, convinced his show-business friends to appear on the series as themselves, and about 200 celebrities accepted his invitation.

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The show was a critical success, earning Emmy Award nominations for outstanding comedy series for each of its six seasons on the air. In addition, Shandling and writer Peter Tolan won the 1998 Emmy for outstanding writing for a comedy series.

And while it seems that this always smiling man didn't have any problems in his life the truth was, in fact, the opposite.

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Actor's private life

Shandling never married and had no children. His former fiancee Linda Doucett shared that they split because the lifelong bachelor refused to have children over fears they might be born with the same defective gene that killed his brother - cystic fibrosis.

"The only reason we broke up was because I wanted a child and Garry didn't,"

Doucett told InTouch.

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The couple began dating in 1987 after the two met at the birthday party of a mutual friend, and became engaged a few years later. They spent more than 7 year together in total but unfortunately didn't manage to find happiness together. The woman added:

'I was 40 and really wanted a baby and he was afraid of having a child because his brother died of an illness and he was always afraid that his child could have it.'

The reality of the funniest people is that there is often a lot of pain in their laughter. It seems that Garry was one of them. He died from a sudden and massive heart attack on March 24, 2016, in his home in Los Angeles, California, at age 66.

At the end of the day, Garry Shandling as well as his great sense of humor won't be forgotten! The memory of him will always go on living in our hearts.